Steps In Drawing A Fleur De Lis

This is a flower that was used by many countries to symbolize great dynasties and emblematic actions. This flower was also a favorite theme by artists in their paintings and drawings. Today this is commonly used to decorate homes and clothes. You may also draw this lovely flower by using a plain paper and a pencil.

1. The first step on how to draw this, is to prepare the materials you will need. These are pencils, eraser, ruler, elliptical template, paper and a picture of the Fleur De Lis.

2. The second step on how to draw this, is to draw in a light way one straight line on the center part of the paper. This will be the height of the flower. Then draw three more lines in a horizontal way from it. It should have equal spaces. Make sure you are looking at a picture of the flower while doing this.

3. The third step on how to draw this, is to draw a couple of triangles with a ninety degree angle each above the flower. You can start this step by marking one point on the center of the straight line. It should meet the top line drawn horizontally. The next step is drawing lines using the ruler from that point. The lines should reach the horizontal line on the center.

4. The fourth step on how to draw this, is to make a spear on the center. It should appear like a mix of an oval shape and a spear’s head. You can make use of the elliptical template so you can get achieve symmetry. You should draw one at a time to create the perfect size. Do not erase the edges you made on the spear.

5. The fifth step on how to draw this, is to make two semi circles on both sides of the spear you have drawn. This will become the petals. The bottom parts of the circles should be resting on the center line drawn horizontally. The top part of the semi circles should also reach the two triangles.

6. The sixth step is to look at the picture of magnificent flower and start drawing the bottom parts of the petals. Make a curve going downwards. It should be reaching the petals. Then draw a small semi circle for the petal’s underside. It should be connected to the petal’s base which is connected to the middle line. Finish the petals by employing the same method. You should achieve symmetry for the two petals.

7. The seventh step is drawing the flower’s base. Draw a rectangle just below each of the petals.

8. The last step is erasing the lines you used as guides and revealing the finished work.

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