Crown of Thorns for The Ballet Prince

Many elements were all united in this man: elegant external looks in harmony with an artistic talent, excellent natural musicality and a brilliant dancing gift, the ability to think outside the box and an appealing charm. Add to this a fair diligence and physical endurance – and here it is a portrait of the artistic director of the Bolshoi Ballet Sergei Filin.

Luck smiled on him and bestowed all these qualities upon Sergei, but as it turned out – not for long. The crown of the Prince of Russian Ballet became a crown of thorns. It happened on 17 January 2013. A monstrous crime – an attack with sulfuric acid – has doomed the young man (Sergei turned 42 less than three months before the attack) to a sequence of suffering that seems to never end. Tens of operations on the skin and eyes, separation from his children, from his adorable theatre…The future of his once successful career remains under question.

Will he ever see his sons grown up and matured? This is still a doubtful. Human vision is recovering from the acid burns very slowly, quite often it gradually disappears. But let us be optimistic for the future, and have faith in the doctors skills, putting any sad thoughts aside. It seemed that he was the darling of destiny. But sustained success is a dangerous path to travel in the world of muses! One ancient myth comes to mind: Apollo, being indignant with Marsyas’ success in the art of playing aulos, commands that his rival;s skin be stripped off! Thus, ironically, the ancient Greek god chose the same method of punishment as the person who masterminded the attack on Sergei Filin, this time with the help of acid. Is this purely coincidence, or is it a true manifestation of the archetype in action? This riddle remains to be solved.

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