Belly Painting For Expectant Mothers

As a woman goes through the stages of pregnancy, an artistic way to celebrate the exciting changes and anticipated new life is with belly painting. Belly painting is a creative and artistic way to celebrate the mommy to bes new body with color and art. An expectant mothers belly is a grand blank canvas for a body paint artist, the possibilities are endless. Belly painting can be done at various stages throughout pregnancy. Obviously the final stages provide a larger canvas. The relaxation of belly painting is soothing for both mother and the unborn baby. Its amazing to witness the baby kicking as paint is being applied to the belly. As body art, gains popularity, there was never a better way to decorate your body while embracing pregnancy.

Belly painting is often in conjunction with a maternity photo shoot and offers a unique way to enhance typical maternity photos. New mothers often choose a design theme to match the new babys room or something to reflect gender of their unborn treasure. After the design is applied to the belly, a photo shoot takes place. When the images are developed, they can be displayed or used on baby shower invitations. No matter how the final images are used, they are definitely a spectacular way to remember the joy of pregnancy using art and photography. Certainly, not your average work of art.

When choosing an artist for belly painting, be sure that all materials being used for the painting are safe and non toxic. A professional body and belly painter will use materials that are safe for use on the skin that can be removed with a mild soap and water. There are many products on the market that are safe for use on the skin ,even sparkling glitters and gems. What a way to bring on the bling while youre expecting! During the painting session, its expected that mommy to be is comfortable and relaxed. A nice comfy, cozy spot, such as your favorite chair or sofa is an ideal location. Its soothing to light candles and listen to some soft music while the belly is being transformed into an artistic masterpiece. The memories of the belly painting moments are sure to be cherished before delivery. Its likely that once baby arrives there will be much less relaxing. Belly painting is fun and should be a memorable experience. Celebrate your body and your new baby!

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